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Sport Signs and banners

Support your team with a vinyl banner. Banners come in a range of sizes with built in pockets and sticks.They are weather proof and will last at least two years, many more if stored correctly.

Fabricated Signs

We have a dedicated team of fabricators that can bring your concept to reality.

At Penrith Signs and Design, we can fabricate anything from logos and graphics through to pylon signs and illuminated lettering.

A range of materials available 

Custom sizes.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs are tremendously effective for a number of reasons, the main being visibility. It doesn’t matter how big the sign on your building is, if it can’t be seen from the road, passing motorists will have no idea that your building exists. This is a fundamental selling point of freestanding signage, especially pylon signs, which have the ability to be placed near roadways or intersections freely because they don’t require any brick and mortar anchors. It’s this freedom that business owners can take advantage of to strategically place their signs and herd consumers to their doors.

(There is a photo of a small freestanding sign in the folder but also include the super imposed Harrys sign)

Corporate & Pylon Signs

Looking for that X-Factor? – Whether it’s a Large freestanding pylon sign, custom plinth, illuminated lettering or building identification signage. At PSD, we assist you right from design concept through to installation. We have successfully worked with some of Australia’s leading brands. 

Banners and Flags

We have a huge range of high quality Banners & Flags to assist you in capturing attention of foot and vehicle traffic.

Pull Up Banners, Full Colour Vinyl Outdoor Banners with rope and eyelets.

Size: A range of standard sizes, but many banners can be cut to custom dimensions.

Our banner hardware is sturdy and high quality.

Flag and feather banners come with a range of finishing options.

Click for more information on varieties and sizes.

Government signs

We manufacture and install a vast range of signs for new and existing government buildings such as Police, Ambulance, Fire Station, Hospitals, Schools etc.

Custom colours, shapes and sizes.

Pull up banners / pop up banner

Pull up banners are great for office spaces and expos

3 options available in different sizes.

Strong aluminium Black or silver bases
Banners come with a curl resistant laminate

Click for more information on varieties and sizes.

A-Frame Sign Range

A-Frames are a great way of advertising your shop or specials outside your shop or at expos.

We supply and manufacture a wide range of high quality A-Frames.

Types: Digitally Printed, Insertable and interchangeable corflute, Chalkboard,Whiteboard or Snap Frames for poster prints.

Sizes: 600mm x 900mm, 900mm x 1200mm and 1800mm x 1200mm.

Weather proof options available

Single or double sided design

Cut out lettering signs

Cut out lettering is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

We manufacture lettering from such materials as aluminium, stainless steel, MDF, acrylic and much more. All sizes and colours catered for.

We can bring virtually any signage concept to life. Email or SMS your concept any time or give us a call to discuss your ideas.

Digital Printing

Our experienced team operates the latest printing equipment to produce high quality digitally printed signs and stickers. We can print one to thousands of custom decals and visual branding solutions.

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Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Directional & Way finding signs are an effective way to assist visitors with navigating around new or complex environments such as shopping centres, parks, city centres, Doctor Surgeries, buildings, museums, and offices.

Custom sizes, a range of materials for indoor and outdoor use.


We offer a wide range of engraving including name badges, presentation plaques, awards, statutory signs, gifts. Some of the materials we can engrave on are, Traffoltye, acrylic, timber, aluminium, stainless steel, glass and many more.

(please us a photo of the wine boxes and timber boards from SMAK designz for this – if you still have them)

Illuminated signage

Illuminated signs are a great way to advertise your business both day and night.
Custom shapes, sizes and methods of lighting up your sign.

For both Indoor and outdoor signage


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