Information, Terms & Conditions

Please review the following information. The information is broken down into categories to assist you in finding the information you're after. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Payment options

Cash and bank transfer are preferred.
Paypal and credit cards incur a 2% fee. Please adjust your total accordingly. We can submit an amended invoice to reflect this.


Appearance of colour on screen and in print 

Our screens can display colour quite differently to what is printed on paper. There are a number of reasons for this

1) backlighting on a screen vs no light behind paper
2) Paper absorbing ink/toner. 

3) No universal colour setting on monitors. We have the ability to change the brightness and warmth of our own display

4) The difference on paper types and thickness can modify the way colour appears to our eyes.

There will always be some variation in colour due to the nature of CMYK printing. If the shade of your colour is important, please let us know and we will do our best to match the colour as closely as possible or recommend using Pantone/Spot colours. In some cases there can be a fee for colour matching.

Reprints and refunds

We can not provide reprints or refunds on printing with a slight colour variation. Print must appear significantly different to the artwork agreed upon  for us to supply a reprint free of charge.


We assume that you have purchased or have permission to use the files you source and provide. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are not in violation of Australian copyright laws. An example is saving a photo from google images to use in your art without seeking permission. It's important that photographers and artists are credited for their work.

File setup for print

Depending on a job, your file will need to be setup a certain way for optimal print. 
Files bleeding to the edge included an extra 3mm+ on each side of the file.
Clients are reminded that when your artwork is trimmed, the cutting of the paper/card can vary in position from 1-3mm, hence a 3mm+ internal margin from the bleed line is required. If any text is too close to the edge, it may be cut off. 

Color profile set at CMYK as converting from RGB can result in colour variation.

For Instructions specific to your artwork, please contact us.

In many cases, we can assist with the setup of your file that has been designed elsewhere.

Print samples

Samples can be found on our website or in office on a variety of stocks. Please arrange an appointment to discuss and view samples.

Actual samples of your work in some cases can be provided free of charge, in other cases. particularly offset printing, a sample can be printed for a fee. 


Privacy Policy

Any information collected for you is for design and billing purposes only. We will not sell or share any of your information with any third party.

We will not spam you.

You may opt out of receiving any promotional material from us.

You may request that we do not display your artwork on our site or to obscure any details before displaying your art.

Penrith Signs & Designs is bound by the National Privacy Principles which are set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). These Principles can be found at

If you have any questions or requests relating to our terms or privacy policy, please email


Design and print proofs

Before artwork is printed, we will issue a proof for review. It's important to look closely at all details like spelling and phone numbers to ensure there are no errors. Once your proof is approved, the design will be locked in and printed, we can no longer make changes after final approval.

The final artwork is your responsibility. We recommend having a fresh pair of eyes review your work as errors can be easily overlooked, particularly when you've looked at a document a number of times.

If by change your proof is difficult to read, please let us know and we will send an alternative.

Please provide written consent of your proof when ready to proceed with printing in an email.

Any reprints due to artwork oversights will be printed at the clients expense.

Your design

Once a concept or concepts are agreed upon, we can perform a number of small artwork adjustments, this is generally 3-6 depending on complexity. We often supply some variations on your concept depending of your job. Once we exceed 3-6 changes, additional fees apply.

Significant modifications include the change of your layout or concept. Or additional concepts not mentioned during the quoting process.  Font and colour variations are included in most jobs, logo design being one.


Design and print delivery dates will vary depending on the complexity of the work and volume of print.

Please inform us of any deadlines to ensure we can meet them. Smaller design and print jobs can take 1-3 days to complete, mid sized design and print will take 1-2 weeks from artwork approval and deposit. Larger work can take a few weeks or more. Please speak to us for a more accurate EDD for your job.

Quotes and payments

To ensure we are able to quote you accurately and create a job  to meet and exceed your expectations, we will ask you a series of questions. If you'd like to send through any sample images or sketches to help convey your idea you are most welcome to. A quote will only increase if you change your mind mid job or would like us to provide new additional options. We will inform you of any change in price prior to proceeding for your consent. 

Upon acceptance of a quote we may request a non refundable deposit to proceed with the job.

Payment is to be finalised on completion of your work. We are happy to make reasonable arrangements with you where necessary.

Failure to complete payment by your due date will result in 2% increase in total, calculated and added monthly.

As a last resort, where payment arrangements have not been made or met, you may be met with additional debt recovery fees or court costs.


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